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Advantages of Using BIM Software

In the past engineers had a difficult time creating accurate and faultless building structures. But since the introduction of the Building Information Modelling software, they can now give precise information about geometrical and geographical data of a building along with the interior relationships and dependences of building parts. Continue reading to find out what is BIM and its benefits to the construction industry.

Definition of Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a kind of method used for creating, organizing and demonstrating building statistics, data and specifics such as price and sustainability during the project development process in one integrated tool.

Merits of Building Information Modelling

Gives 2D Model and 3D Pictures

BIM is the right tool that will assist you in simulating a project and seeing the appearance of a building before you begin constructing it. It enables you to develop a scaled virtual model of your project using a software that gives you a 2-dimensional model and 3-dimensional visualization. Besides, you can view multiple building designs and models and choose one that matches your building needs.


Cost is one of the issues affecting the AEC sector. This comes when engineers fail to notice clashes like pipes going through a wall earlier. When such problems arise, you need to rectify, and this means incurring additional expenses. Nonetheless, BIM lets you foresee such errors and avoid making such mistakes during the construction. As a result, you do not have to worry about on-site clashes. Since the BIM records every step during the project development, you can be sure duplication of designs is minimal.

Information Management

Sometimes, engineers may miss or disregard some important information that might have an adverse impact on the overall process. Hiring less workers or misinterpreting information means that you will not complete your project on time and this interferes with your schedule. Since the BIM software manages all the system components, you can be certain it will calculate for you the number of workers you need, the time you will take to complete the project and help you come up with the right budget estimates in addition to helping you map out the level of details(LOD) required by the client.

Clearly, building information modeling offers a wide array of benefits to the construction industry.Not only does it help with data and change management, but also provides 2-dimensional and 3d visualization at an affordable rate. Hence, you should consider integrating the BIM software to your project development system.

What Do You Know About Companies

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